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Miss Canada Tourism has a Swimwear Contest
in the Miss Canada Tourism Pageant.  The Title Miss Swimwear Canada is given to the Contestant with the highest Marks in the Swimwear Contest and who has a nice Personality.  The Contestants may wear a One Piece or Two Piece Swimwear in the Contest.
It is not compulsory for the Contestants to enter the Swimwear Contest as it is a separate Title than Miss Canada Tourism with separate Judges. 

The Swimwear Contest is separate from the Miss Canada Tourism Pageant Contest.  There is no Marks for Swimwear in the Miss Canada Tourism Pageant. Since 2012 we have accepted Contestants for the Swimwear Contest who are married.  If the Contestant has the highest Marks is married she would be given the Title Ms Swimwear Canada. The Contestants in the Miss Swimwear Contest can be single or married as it is a separate Contest from Miss Canada Tourism.

 Gabriela Meissinger, Miss Toronto
 2004 in Ups & Downs Swimwear

          Heather O Donnell is Ms Swimwear Canada 2012